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Finn Harries and Shailene Woodley


Here is a list of blogs, websites, or videos that can help you if you are suffering from anything listed below. If you do not suffer from any of these things listed, but do know someone that does suffer from anything listed, these links may also be helpful. Smile, it looks beautiful on you.

If you know of any website that is not listed that would be of help to anyone, please submit it to us here.

Also, our ask is always open, so click here if you ever feel the need to vent.

In case of an emergency, please call the emergency dispatch center.


Anxiety Disorder/Panic Attacks

Bipolar Disorders


Eating Disorders

Grief & Loss


Self Harm

Staying Positive

Substance Abuse

Suicidal Thoughts/Suicide Prevention


Other Links

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"Cause you’re a Cheeky Monkey!"

"Cause you’re a Cheeky Monkey!"